iClicker is an interactive classroom response system allowing instructors and students to dynamically interact through questions and answers in real-time. Instructors can use it for class discussions, attendance, and to present prepared questions. Students respond using iClicker Remotes or their iClicker Student Mobile App and may be assigned point values for their answers.

Effective June 1, 2021, any new iClicker Remote will add five years of mobile access. Upon successful registration in the student iClicker Account, students will see a message confirming that their iClicker Remote was registered and their mobile subscription was added to their account. Any remotes that have been in use prior to this transition may also qualify for the five years of mobile access depending on if the device had been registered previously.

Ask your instructor if he/she will accept iClicker Remotes and/or iClicker Student Mobile App prior to your purchase. Your instructor should inform the class which option and registration method they prefer. It is recommended to use iClicker Student Mobile App only if you have a reliable internet connection.

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