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VoiceThread is an online communication and collaboration tool that enables instructors and students to foster lively discussions. Instructors and students can create, share and comment on media content (lectures, images, documents, videos, spreadsheets, etc.).

When participating in a VoiceThread, users can post comments using any mix of text, microphone, webcam, telephone, or uploaded audio file. Voicethread places media in the center of an online, asynchronous conversation bridging the gap between online discussion posts and traditional video lectures or presentations.

To start using VoiceThread, login to Canvas. Open your course. Then determine whether you want to use VoiceThread for a graded or ungraded assignment.

You may also use VoiceThread outside of Canvas. Log in to http://fiu.voicethread.com/ with your FIU credentials.

Mobile VoiceThread

VoiceThread has an app for Android and iOS devices. Visit the VoiceThread Features > Mobile page to learn more and access the download page.

VoiceThread + Canvas

There are four steps to create VoiceThread activities/assignments in your course(s):

  1. Add VoiceThread to your course
  2. Set up your VoiceThread link
  3. Wait for students to submit work
  4. Grade student submissions

Step-by-Step Video Guide

Additional Help

We provided VoiceThread training at the BBC and MMC campuses. To register, visit FIU Develop.

Make an appointment or visit one of our Resource Centers to learn how to use VoiceThread.

VoiceThread provides online workshops about a wide range of topics. To register, visit the VoiceThread Upcoming Workshop web page.

Check the VoiceThread Service Status Twitter page to verify whether there are any service outages that might be affecting you today.