Mediasite is a video management platform that allows FIU faculty, staff, and students to capture, publish, manage and share videos. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder allows instructors to record their screen or a presentation. To start using Mediasite, visit, click the “Authenticate” button, and log in with your FIU credentials. To use Mediasite Desktop Recorder, follow the instructions on the Installing Mediasite Desktop Recorder page.

Learn how to navigate Mediasite

Mediasite refers to videos as presentations. You can organize presentations into channels. Follow the instructions below or watch a playlist with related videos.

Depending on how many videos you need to share with a particular class, you might benefit from creating a channel for that class. The advantages include (1) the convenience of setting permissions once and (2) the ability to share the channel rather than sharing videos individually. Follow the instructions below to create and secure a channel:
  1. Create channels
  2. Secure channels - by default, students will have to log in to view the presentations in the channel. The advantage is that you can see statistics specific to your students. If you’d rather students view the presentations without login in, follow the instructions on the link above using the following settings
    • From the Assigned Roles box, click on “AuthenticatedUsers”, and click on the “Remove Selected Roles” button below it.
    • Select “Viewer” from the dropdown next to the “Add people or groups” textbox.
    • Then type “Everyone” in the textbox.
    • Click the save button.
  3. Share channel – open the channel and copy the URL from the browser window.
There are two ways to create presentations:

If you forgot to create the presentation within a channel, you can still move it there.

Mediasite provides some editing capabilities, for example trimming the video, replacing slides and inserting chapters for efficient navigation.
When you open a presentation, you will land on the presentation’s properties page. From there, you may update the following presentation settings:
  • General – make the video viewable (it’s private by default)
  • Information – Title, Description, Tags
  • Player – to change the appearance of the player and enable interactivity
  • Delivery – among other things, you can add closed captions and/or change the video thumbnail
  • Annotation – to enable annotations at specific points in the video

You may also replace media when you need to update the video or download the audio/video file to your computer.

If you did not create this presentation within a channel that already has permissions set, and you want to allow students to see the video without login in, follow the instructions on Assign custom permissions (desktop only).
  1. From the Assigned Roles box, click on “AuthenticatedUsers”, and click on the “Remove Selected Roles” button below it.
  2. Select “Viewer” from the dropdown next to the “Add people or groups” textbox.
  3. Then type “Everyone” in the textbox.
  4. Click the save button.

You may share your presentation with your students in Canvas by linking or embedding it. Follow these instructions to obtain the embed code or link.

To embed the video player on a block of content,

To link to the video,

Some additional features allow interaction while watching videos:
  • Quizzes – ask true or false, single answer multiple choice, and multi-answer multiple choice questions. Please, note Mediasite does not communicate quiz results to Canvas at this time.
  • Q & A forums
  • Polls
Mediasite provides viewing statistics to gauge the impact of your presentations. You can also download reports.

Make an appointment or visit one of our  Resource Centers  to learn how to use Mediasite.

To enroll on upcoming webinars or watch the recordings of past webinars, visit Mediasite’s  Webinars page.

Can’t upload from the Mediasite Desktop Recorder

  • Did you register the desktop recorder? If not, return to the “Add Media” page to register it.

Check the  Mediasite FIU status page to verify whether there are any service outages that might be affecting you today.