Course Tools

As an instructor, you can enhance your courses to facilitate student learning using course tools. Discover what each course tool can do, decide what tool(s) would enrich your course and learn how to implement the tool(s) into your course.

Canvas is FIU's learning management system. Use it to post course materials for your students and to communicate with them. Visit our Canvas website to learn more. Click on the blue "Log In" button at the top right to access your courses. Find out how Canvas can help faculty fulfill the Provost’s Canvas Usage and University Core Curriculum (UCC) Initiatives.

You may need to import tests from a Word document, or restrict access to computer programs and features while students take quizzes. See how the Respondus suite of tools can help you complete these kinds of tasks.
Interested in an easy way to provide feedback or to check up on the originality of a student’s writing assignments? Turnitin can help with that.
Want an efficient way to grade objective tests? Akindi can help you create and grade response sheets for your courses. Akindi is an alternative to Scantron. It eliminates the need to physically bring the sheets to a specific office for grading.

Interested in a way to elevate online interactions beyond a traditional discussion forum? See and/or hear students as they share ideas using VoiceThread! Explore the VoiceThread resources to find out what you need to know to set up audio/video discussions and assignments.
Want to keep students engaged during your lecture and gauge whether students are "getting it"? Check out the iClicker student response system helping to keep students focused on learning in class.
Enhance your course with Top Hat’s all-in-one teaching platform that allows instructors to facilitate active learning before, during and after class. Easy-to-use tools to engage your classroom, adopt interactive textbooks, create assignments on the fly, and launch real-time polls to gauge student understanding.

At FIU, we provide a space for you to upload your own videos. We also provide repositories of videos on different subjects that you can use in your courses.

Need a place to create videos and/or store videos for your students? MediaSite is an online environment available to create, upload and store videos.
Want additional video options to use in your courses? LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda) is FIU’s free online training partner providing unlimited access to a wide array of online tutorials on business, creative and technology skills for all FIU faculty, staff and students.