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Akindi is a tool that allows you to create, and print bubble response sheets using regular paper. Once students complete an exam, Akindi allows you to scan the response sheets for automatic grading using any scanner or iPhone. Akindi also provides analytical data about student performance.

Akindi is an alternative to Scantron eliminating the need to physically bring the sheets to a specific office for grading.

Note: If your exam consists of objective and open-ended questions, you can still use Akindi. Ask students to complete open-ended questions on the back of the bubble sheet or on an additional sheet. Once the exam is graded, you may add the additional points in Canvas.

To start using Akindi, enable the "Launch Akindi" navigation link on your course settings.

There are two ways you can set up an Akindi assignment in Canvas:

  • Create an assessment in Akindi
  • Create a Canvas assignment as a placeholder for each test for which you plan to use Akindi bubble sheets.
    1. When creating the test,
      1. Select "No Submission" from the "Submission type" dropdown.
      2. Set the due date, so the test appears in the calendar, syllabus and assignments page with the corresponding date.
    2. Create and print the bubble sheets
    3. Students complete them
    4. Upload the sheets to Akindi
      • Select the appropriate Canvas test to synchronize student scores with the gradebook.

See the following links for more specific instructions about each step in the process of creating and processing bubble sheets with Akindi.

  1. Assessments and Answer keys
  2. Downloading, Scanning, and Uploading Sheets
  3. Analyzing Assessment Results
  4. Exporting Assessment Results
  5. Class Roster Management

You can use any scanner to digitize students' response sheets. If you don't have a scanner available at home or at work,

Make an appointment or visit one of our Resource Centers to learn how to use Akindi.

Akindi is also happy to provide 1:1 on boarding sessions for faculty interested in getting up and running with this tool. Just send an email to christa@akindi.com to schedule one.

Here are the recordings of past web training sessions. They present about the same content, but correspond to each of the training sessions that were offered.