Adobe Connect

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Adobe Connect is a web conferencing application used for online communication and collaboration. It can interface within Canvas or separately stand alone.

All faculty, staff and students have participant accounts in Adobe Connect using their FIU username and password.

Test your computer to ensure it meets the minimum requirements to be able to host/present/participate in Adobe Connect meetings.

Note: FIU recommends that you use Google Chrome to participate in Adobe Connect meetings.

Meeting Roles

There are three possible roles in Adobe Connect:

  • Participants - those who will participate in a meeting, but have no major role in presenting information, nor are responsible for managing the meeting.
  • Presenters - the meeting participants who will be responsible for delivering information.
  • Hosts - those who create and manage the meeting. To obtain host access, email your name, FIU username and Panther ID to

Once you receive host access, you need to determine whether you want to use Adobe Connect from within Canvas or by itself.

Adobe Connect + Canvas

Activate the Adobe Connect link on your course menu in order to start using it within Canvas. Then, click on the link you just enabled when you need to create, participate in and/or manage Adobe Connect meetings.

Adobe Connect Cloud (Outside of Canvas)

Visit to create online meetings. Log in with your FIU username and password.

Note: the meetings you create via this URL will not be associated with any particular course. Therefore, they will not be visible from within Canvas.

Create Meetings and Invite Attendees

Adobe Connect hosts can create online meetings and invite attendees.

Adobe Connect + Canvas

Adobe Connect Cloud

Manage Meetings

Participate in Meetings

Make an appointment or visit one of our Resource Centers to learn how to use Adobe Connect.

You may enroll on upcoming webinars by visiting Adobe’s Live Training page.

More Troubleshooting

Check FIU's Adobe Connect Service Status to verify whether there are any service outages that might be affecting you today.