Faculty UCC Requirements

This page provides instructors with the additional information to assist with meeting the University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements for the upcoming term.

Course Attendance/Participation

The Provost has required that students' attendance be recorded for the first two weeks of the semester. Attendance in online and hybrid courses is tracked automatically using the course access records for each student. For face-to-face courses, the instructor will need to take attendance (tracked by in-person or electronic means), and record the results in an Attendance column in the Gradebook by midnight (EST) on Friday, September 1st.

Mid-Semester Grades

To ensure that students receive feedback with sufficient time to improve their overall grade or modify their enrollment, the Provost has asked faculty members teaching UCC classes to enter a Mid-Semester Grade into a column in the Gradebook by October 28th 11:59 pm EST. Please note that the Mid-Semester Grade should not be associated with a particular assessment. It is a cumulative total of the student’s performance in your course up to the midpoint of the term.

If your UCC course shell has already been created for Fall 2017 and/or was previously developed in Blackboard between Summer 2015 and Summer 2017, it will remain in Blackboard for Fall 2017. All other UCC sections will be hosted on Canvas. If you are part of the Canvas Pilot for Fall 2017, your pilot course will remain in Canvas.

At this time, all UCC course shells have been created, and you have access to them via Blackboard or Canvas. Login to your course with your FIU credentials.

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